Globe At Home Internet (DSL): Packet Loss Too High

Reason: cable supplying our house had too many splices.

This is an on-going issue I have with my current internet provider — Globe. Since Aug 10, 2019, our internet service has been on-and-off several times a day. My work is disrupted several times in a day for a few minutes but even for a few minutes of disconnection, this disruption could mean you lose your work for the past hour and then you have to start again.

After performing several ping tests, I’ve been getting between 3% to 60% packet loss.

August 10, 2019: I have reported this to Globe and they did come over to investigate. Technician replaced the modem. Same problem persists.

August 13, 2019: I reported the same issue to Globe and again their technicians returned. Technician replaced the landline phone. Same problem persists.

August 17, 2019: I reported the same issue again to Globe. They sent a technician on 18th of August. Technician told me he fixed some broken lines supplying our residence.

This issue is now fixed. What was the problem? The technician who fixed it replaced the entire line from the “box” to our residence. He told me that my line already has four splices! It’s possible because the line was twice damaged by a trailer truck that snagged the cable lines. It seems the technicians were lazy to replace the entire line and spliced it instead. It worked but I experienced a lot of packet loss and it is a lot worse when it is raining or windy.

Thankfully my Globe internet has been stable since then. Hope it stays that way.