Lazada Sensors Unfavorable Reviews

The above screenshot was taken from my review of an HP LaserJet Pro MFP M28a printer. That above was submitted to Lazada. They rejected it. They tagged it as “Abusive”. Really? Read it again Lazada. Here it is again:

This printer served my expectations as far as printing is concerned — good crisp black and white prints. Probably a legacy of the long experience of HP products as far as laser printing is concerned. For printing, I a pleased with it.

Copying is also good, easy copying with one button copy feature.

This is a multi-function printer which can also perform scanning and this is where it failed – it does not work with Mac computers. I have two macs and it does not work on both. I have done many troubleshooting and there is no solution found yet, even an HP employee responding to the official HP community stated that this model is not supported on Mac with the latest macOS (Mojave). I am not prepared to downgrade my macOS just to accommodate this printer.

The scanner is working because I have tried it on an old Windows PC.

I also have another Brother Multi-function printer/scanner which works on my mac.

So this model does not work with macOS Mojave and HP and Apple have not collaborated well as far as this is concerned.

For that, I give this a 2-star rating.

If you are planning to use this on a mac, I don’t recommend it. If you are using Windows,then it can most likely work.

Everything is factual and it is helpful to buyers to know the issues before they buy. Did you just reject that review because it will not add any sales to your business?

An open message to Lazada: If you want us to trust you, do not filter feedback from your customers. Because having experienced it, and knowing it now that Lazada blocks negative feedback. How can we be so sure now that the ratings we see in Lazada are something we can trust?

What should you do then if you are a buyer? Before you buy anything from Lazada, search for independent reviews outside of Lazada and decide from there. Do not simply trust Lazada reviews for they are scrubbing reviews — leaving only reviews that are favorable to them.