Kaizen – Change for the Better

Kaizen is a Japanese word that means ‘change for the better‘.

Kaizen was popularized in the corporate environment but this concept is more than just a fancy buzzword in business, it is a philosophy we can apply to our personal lives in order to change for the better.

Few examples of kaizen applied to our personal lives are:

  • learning new skills to improve your income,
  • start eating nutritious food and stop eating junk food,
  • exercise to improve your well-being,
  • read helpful books instead of watching television,
  • do something you have never experienced before in order to fully understand it

Kaizen means change for the better but this does not need to be a radical transformation. It can be as revolutionary as finding a cure for all diseases to benefit humanity or it can mean you do a simple self improvement such as not drinking sweetened drinks anymore. It can mean you become one of the richest persons in the world or it can also mean you start saving 10% of your income every month.

Kaizen or continuous improvement can be a big or small change, the important thing is we continue to improve every second of our lives. If you can do that, you are much much better than the rest of humanity who continue to believe they are already good enough or those who have admitted that they are incapable of improving. If you approach each day thinking – “what can I improve today?”, you will eventually become successful at your choosen endeavor.