The Incorruptible Vote

Today, May 13, 2019 is an election day. The only day given to us to have our voices be heard. Don’t waste it. Go out and vote and let your voice be heard.

Election day is our only chance to have our voice be heard, the next comes after more than 2000 days. In between, you rant and complain about issues in government but no amount of that will change it, except for a revolution but we don’t want that.

Obviously, you should not sell your vote. But there are other forms of selling your vote, like utangna-loob, affiliations, , surveys, relatives, coercion, promises of job, matunug, and endorsements from your idol, magaling magsayaw, sikat, endorsements from other politicians and even endorsements from your religious leaders, kings, presidents, or whatever title they may have. Do not let other people influence your only vote because those people are not beholden to support you. Remember, they have their own interests that may or may not align with your ideals.

It should not be solely based on name recall. Chuchi, the dog in this picture is good with name recall. Humans should be better than mere name recall.

Your vote is not for the benefit of the politician. You owe them nothing. But you owe a lot to your loved ones — your family, yourself, your community and your country, so vote with them in mind.

Exercise your right to vote because for the next few years, you will either benefit or be vicitimized by our choices today.

Go. Vote. It’s your only voice that will be counted.