Masafumi Nagasaki

Masafumi Nagasaki, 83 years old, has lived on the island of Sotobanari, Okinawa, Japan for 30 years. Alone!

There are poisonous snakes in the island, some even crawling near his tent. When asked if he was ever attacked by a viper snake, he says…
“Animals don’t hurt others without a purpose, only humans take action without a purpose. Only driven by their selfishness.”

He appreciates the living things around him and has stopped hunting and eating animals. When asked if he kills mosquitoes that bite him, he said yes “I”m not perfect yet. I’m not mature yet, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to reach that point.”

When asked: “What is the worst thing from civilization?” He answers “Money and religion. These two things are destroying the world. Religion has never let the world be in peace.”

This was the result of Alvaro Cerezo’s interview with Masafumi Nagasaki.  For more about Nagasaki, please visit Cerezo’s website :